Monday, November 18, 2013

Adyar, Sunday 17 November 2013

Broken Big Tamarind Tree

Adyar, Sunday 17 November 2013
Foundation Day was celebrated today in the afternoon at 5.30 pm. There is a full moon and festivities make lots of cracking noises of the firework. The lecture in the Great Hall was delivered by a Chief Justice, who was extremely well informed about theosophy, but said that it was the first time he came to the TS Estate at Adyar. Then there was beautiful singing and the about one hundred attendants could lay flowers before the images of the founders.

Speeches in the Great Hall at Foundation Day Celebration

The TS Presidential election battle has really started with incredible ferocity.
There is coming about a new order in the TS Head Quarters at Adyar, now that the president has died. Everybody is anxious to know who the nominees for the election of the new President will be.

These will be known by 11 January 2014 and the elections will take place consequently during 15 weeks after that date. So the news will be known by the end of April 2014. The new President will take up office one month after that, by the end of May 2014.

For the convenience of the nominators and the voters, we publish an Excel sheet in which the candidates for president can be evaluated.

Evaluation Sheet for TS Presidential Elections

The figures are to be considered as examples only

The water wells have been cleaned at very short notice, so there will be clear water during the convention in December.

Today a big tamarind tree has fallen over the road in Adyar HQ estate near the post office. It will take several days to remove it completely.

On Thursday, we ordered an all-in one printer, which should have arrived on Saturday. Today the printer has not been delivered by the Internet shop yet, because of the heavy rain during the weekend.

Mattresses have arrived and the servant to help clean the house will come in due course.

The place here is still wonderful, when we come out of the house in the morning it is a bit chilly with moisture damp in the air, which is giving a magical atmosphere all around and makes one think about the “Mist of Avalon”.

The weather is not to be considered as hot and temperature at 8 p.m. is inside the house is 27° C. It feels rather cold, but that is because the physical body must have adjusted to the tropics after the heat we had to go through in the months of May and June.

During the evening study group in the Great Hall, where the symbols and images of the world’s religions are figuring on the walls, with the word Theosophy at the highest and centrally dominant position, the Director of the School of the Wisdom has given an explanation on the teachings in the booklet “Light on the Path”.

The commentary on the second sutra “Kill out ambition” says that ambition is the first curse. This is because it is an expression of selfishness. In the Diagram of Meditation by HPB it is said, that one has to begin with conceiving of Unity by expansion in space and infinity in Time. Further that if there is perpetual presence in imagination of all space and time, the memory of universality will result is absence of fear. See the Diagram of Meditation by H. P. Blavatsky.

One of the members of the study group drew the attention to sutra four of the booklet Light on the Path which gives the paradoxical koan that one has to be without ambition, but work like those who have ambition.

Radha’s 90th birthday was on the 15th of November. She was born in Parsi Quarters on the TS-estate here at Adyar.

We are so busy with all sorts of administrative and establishing house activities, that we almost loose track.

The walks to the beach in the morning and evening are a welcome interruption in the busy flow of events.

Adyar Beach

There is much rain at night, in the morning and in the evening. By some kind of miracle it stops raining when we have to go to the dining hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Work load becomes bigger and bigger and we should do more hours. The colleagues remain very cooperative. In the afternoons we sometimes have a long siesta.

The Adyar Lodge annual meeting, which was held in the Blavatsky Bungalow on Saturday, was finished within about half an hour. This is very efficient and well prepared work. The lodge has about 700 members, out of which number only some 16 attended the annual meeting.

We met two people when we were on our way to home after the meeting and invited them for tea. We now have a sitting room with arm chairs and a coffee table. The latest news was exchanged. Wi-Fi is supposed to be dangerous for human health and in Australia there seem to be places where it is replaced by cable connections with many hubs.

We were informed, that on 21 November 2013 a memorial event will be organized at Kalakshetra, which is a Dance School Theatre where normally several hundreds of people can admire traditional Indian dance performances. The movie “The River” will also be shown.

That’s all for this week,